Blessington Street Basin (Dublin's Secret Garden), Dublin 7

Located at the end of Blessington Street, this former city reservoir is now a quiet haven for both visitors and local wildlife having been fully refurbished in 1994.

It is referred to as Dublin's secret garden as it remains largely undiscovered by the passing thousands of city dwellers.

This is now one of the most unusual parks in the city, as eighty percent of the area of the park is water.

The park can be accessed from Blessington Street, and the linear park, which is now the former Broadstone spur of the Royal Canal, as well as a few quieter streets in the area.
An artificial island has been developed in the centre to create a refuge for the ducks and swans that regard the basin as home. Blessington Basin is now an oasis of calm in the city, surrounded by high stone walls and lined with plants and seating.

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